Today my son re…

Today my son received his first haircut and it reminded me that life is a canvas. There are so many opportunities to ‘paint’ your life in any way you choose. Sometimes I become so bogged down in my “To-dos” that I forget or feel unable to to my “Want-to-dos”. Does that ever happen to you? Inspiration will strike and rather than embracing it, running with the idea and seeing where it will go you steadfastly stick to your list of immutable chores and put it on your ‘someday list’? Lately, it feels as if that is all I have done.

When this realization struck last night I decided¬† that my priorities were backward. The dishes do not require fanatical devotion, they will survive a night in the sink and the carpet will still be there if it isn’t vacuumed every day. My ideas however, may not be there, I could forget! Ah ha, eureka!! I must work! It seems simple doesn’t it?¬† Unbelievably hard for me to admit that I cannot do everything, and yet this is what I am doing. Instead I choose to accomplish what I want and let the rest of it accomplish itself.

Tonight, I am going to work on a surface design piece for a show at the Kenai Visitor’s and Cultural Center on Harvesting the History of Work.