Kettle Noir Artistry Office Hours:

Thursday 8am-1pm PST


Please have patience our site is undergoing construction.


Service Offered:     
Wood Furniture Refinishing

Furniture Customization



Custom Artwork:

Paintings (multiple media)

Drawings (multiple media)

Fabric Design


Want something but don’t see it listed? ASK!!

*Prints and original artwork are both sold and will be marked accordingly. If at any time you have a question please feel free to call or send and email.



Due to the variability in size and cost of materials used in our products pricing is often on a piece by piece basis. Interested parties may seek a quote at any time.

*A guideline used to price projects will be provided soon to give customers a reference point, however the company reserves the right to assess additional charges due to expense of material or size and scope of project.



We ship anywhere within the U.S. with fees based on Zip code (USPS, UPS, FedEx) buyer pays for shipping cost (Standard, Priority, Expedited, etc)

International Shipping is available on a case by case basis.
*Unfortunately, furniture services are only available for local pick-up and delivery and will be included in the cost estimate of the project.



Artwork listed for sale on our website will include the Artist’s name, title of piece, dimensions and medium utilized.

Artwork is held by the artist until notified of sale and is then shipped directly from Artist to buyer.

*If interested in selling artwork on our website please email us your contact information, and we will send you our contract information.



We Reserve the Right to alter our Services, Pricing, Shipping and Terms of Service at any time following applicable laws.


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