Commissioned Pieces: in Progress and Completed

Venetion LionCONTRAST_FB


Trevi Fountain_FB

Seafood Paris_FB

Saint Chapelle_FB

Red Door

Posterize Roma Cafe_FB

Portobello Road MAnnequin with clouds_FB

Paving stone Tower of London POSTERIZED_FB

Parliament courtyard_FB


Papal Altar_FB

PAc man Paris_FB

Notre Dame BW_FB

Notre Dame BW threshold_FB

Nicole and I St_saturated_FB

Nicole and I in Rome BW_FB

My reflectionOrange filter_FB

Letter to George_FB


H address BW_FB

Eifflel Sepia underbelly_FB

Eiffel underbelly skirt_FB

Eiffel throat_FB

Eiffel See YOU_FB

Eiffel Lit up at Night_FB

Eiffel BW_FB


British museum ceiling_FB


Big Ben vertical_FB

Bernini Elephant_FB

Ancient Text_FB

Alisah Venice_FB


Venice islandsSATURATED_FB

On the Streets of Paris

On the Streets of Paris


More to come as works are underway…

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