It’s been quite a journey

I cannot believe so much time has passed! Nearing the end of my first Art degree with many life changes I will be updating this website and uploading images of my portfolio. I have a solo show approaching in August at the Fine Art Center and am anxious, excited, nervous and triumphant all at once. I cannot wait and yet it is approaching too fast.

Until later friends,



This morning I drank my coffee in the silence

Where is that magical button that would allow me to know how to do exactly what I want to do exactly when I want to do it? -not that I really want to find it mind you, but it would ease my mind to know it is there if ever I chose to look. *sigh

Not that I have a following, yet, but the urge and desire to make the website, business and professional appearance the best it can be is definitely there.

This morning I woke up to the most annoying sound (pretty sure it was the alarm but I was mostly still asleep when it stopped) I shuffle/stumbled my way up the stairs to the kitchen and proceeded to fix the elixir of wakefulness. It smelled divine! Retreating back to my office I drank my coffee in silence. For those of you with small children or any children you will fully understand and rejoice with me.

Ahh, be careful how quickly you type my friends even now the wee beastie has arisen is clamoring for mommy!

The past month has been amazingly productive with several commissions completed, more added to the list and the satisfacion of my clients. I am so thankful to have begun this journey with such great people.

Thank you.

Cheers to your day friends!

Cyber void

Things to accomplish…

  • create a label for a Brewery
  • complete the commissioned painting for a home
  • design and complete the new slipcover for an ottoman con throw pillows
  • refinish end tables and hutch


Some may not seem very artistic at first glance and yet the symmetry of line, the need to visualize the end result lend themselves to a creative clime.


Bearing this in mind it is off to the studio for (I hope) a very productive day!!

Carpe diem… or the polyurethane as the case may be

This has to be one of the busiest summers I can remember involving travel, three jobs and two businesses. Despite the near indefatigable efforts of my family we have not completely the entirety of our To-Do list. We are accomplishing items and it is with this in mind that I am FINALLY adding pictures and more information to the site. I hope you enjoy.

Three weeks in Reno

I am spending three weeks in Reno with my sister and planning my next projects. There are some great opportunities to pick up some pieces for refinishing and adding to my inventory. I am absolutely in love with the variety down here!!

Today my son re…

Today my son received his first haircut and it reminded me that life is a canvas. There are so many opportunities to ‘paint’ your life in any way you choose. Sometimes I become so bogged down in my “To-dos” that I forget or feel unable to to my “Want-to-dos”. Does that ever happen to you? Inspiration will strike and rather than embracing it, running with the idea and seeing where it will go you steadfastly stick to your list of immutable chores and put it on your ‘someday list’? Lately, it feels as if that is all I have done.

When this realization struck last night I decided¬† that my priorities were backward. The dishes do not require fanatical devotion, they will survive a night in the sink and the carpet will still be there if it isn’t vacuumed every day. My ideas however, may not be there, I could forget! Ah ha, eureka!! I must work! It seems simple doesn’t it?¬† Unbelievably hard for me to admit that I cannot do everything, and yet this is what I am doing. Instead I choose to accomplish what I want and let the rest of it accomplish itself.

Tonight, I am going to work on a surface design piece for a show at the Kenai Visitor’s and Cultural Center on Harvesting the History of Work.